TarmSaft Unofficial Dictionary
The TarmSaft Unofficial Dictionary:
The work of TarmSaft font factory is found at
major freeware font resources all over the web.

Fonts like Onani, Äggstock and Taskeksem are
downloaded on computers all over the world.

But is it anyone who has given a thought what
the exotic Swedish font names really means?

Here is a few examples:

Onani (=Masturbation)

Äggstock (=Ovary)
Taskeksem (=Scrotum eczema)

TarmSaft's ambition was apparently not to
shock, disgust, revolt or upset anyone - if so they
would have given the fonts English names. Swedes
themselves are not shocked or upset that easily.

If you feel you are not a Swede - think twice before
you click the enter button and go any further.
(Inside you will find about 90 free downloadeble TarmSaft fonts too)

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